Palimpalem - Política de privacidad
Política de protección de datos

Palimpalem - Data protection policy

Palimpalem would like to inform its users that the company respects the actual applicable Spanish legislation which regulates user`s personal data protection. And to aiming this, technical and/or organization measures will be carried out in order to avoid the loss, malfunction, distortion, non authorised access and/or given data robbery. Those referred measures will be the ones that actual technology status allows, the origin of data and the natural risks of that data is exposed by being in the internet, by human and/or mechanical nature.

As User of Palimpalem`s space by login into that space, both login the free space as well as in the paid services space, you give Palimpalem fully permission for your given personal data to be treated under the following terms:

A – Personal data that Palimpalem collects will be only used to compatible aims for what the data was ask for. It is not consider incompatible the subsequent use of this data for statistic purposes. The only addressee of this information will be Palimpalem and the person responsible for that will be always reachable via email at

B – Email address asked to the user in the act of registration is optional, but the denying of it will result the impossibility of registration progress.

C – Personal data entered by users will be exact and regularly updated. If Palimpalem finds that this data is not accurate or incomplete in any way, and Palimpalem has the acknowledge by other data base for the correct data of the user, Palimpalem will correct and/or update that data without detriment of the faculties that by law affect those users.

D – Personal data will be stored in a way that allows users their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or objection, unless that data is legally cancelled.

E – Personal data will be cancelled when no more needed, pertinent and/or relevant for the purpose they were given. That data will be not longer stored than for what purpose was requested. Always within regulatory law that data could be stored meeting accordance with historical values, statistics, or scientific studies

F – Palimpalem`s users are here informed that in order to exercise the right of access, rectification, cancellation or objection of that data, the user must notify via email to the address the right he wants to exercise.

G – Cancellation of data will happen by blocking that data and keeping it only to grant access by request of public service organizations and/or Courts for attending legal responsibilities of the users.

H – Personal data from users stored by Palimpalem will be hold no longer than

requested by the Spanish regulatory law neither/nor to comply with the terms of contract between user and Palimpalem.

I – Google uses associated publicity companies to publish advertisements when users visit our web space. It could happen that those companies use information of those visits to our space and/or to other spaces (without including name, address, email address or telephone number) in order to offer users information about products and/or services of interest. If you wish to obtain more information about that practise and to know further about the options as user to prevent those companies to use your data, please proceed to Google`s web site where you will be more accurate informed about this matter.

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