Intellectual property and/or industrial property Infringement

Palimpalem respects the rights of intellectual property and/or industrial property and demands its users to do so. Palimpalem will do, under appropriate circumstances and to its own discretion, to cancel those user's accounts that violates those of intellectual property and/or industrial property of third parties.

If you believe that your intellectual property and/or industrial property rights have been infringed, we ask you to send us the following information:

1. An unmistakable statement, signed (certified or digitalised) that you are the holder of those affected rights, or that your are entitled to claim them with authorization of owner of the rights. Title of rights or representation of owner of the title must be proven.

2. Fully description of the work and of the infringed rights

3. Exact location within Palimpalem's space where the alleged infringed takes place.

4. Please, contact Palimpalem via e-mail to:

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